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December 21, 2015

TRAVEL: Becoming a Nomadic Minimalist

Like many people the minimalist lifestyle attracts, I yearn to live simply and to travel light. In fact, the idea of cutting my roots and moving anywhere at any time was one of the key motivators to parting with the bulk of my material things.

When culling my possessions even now I stop and ask myself, "If I packed up tonight to move across the country, would I take this with me?"

There are a few things that make the cut, but most things that have served their purpose in my life and no longer add beauty or benefit are donated to charities.

Living anywhere you want at anytime requires self-discipline when it comes to both working independently and curating your material goods. If it's something that truly appeals to you, then the learning curve can be a very short one.

I think the lovely Rosetta Thurman of really says it best in this video because she speaks from experience. Having lived in seven cities in just two years, she has shaped her skills as a nomadic minimalist into a fine science.

My family is very close to the financial freedom that allows for this kind of adventurous relocation and we can't wait to take the road less traveled. Thanks, Rosetta, for your inspiration!

Your Turn: If you could fit all of your clothing and personal items into one suitcase and could work remotely from any place in the world with an internet connection, where would you go first?

If you could take one step today (donating some clothes, cleaning out your kitchen cabinets, selling your car, downsizing your living space to save money) to get closer to making that dream a reality, why would you choose not to?

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